Linnworks has the ability to send emails on your behalf to keep your customers informed about how their order is progressing. It is possible to create various email templates for different SubSources or in different languages to have a more personal approach for your buyers. 

Full details on the template types and how to set them up are available in the Email Notifications documentation page.

Email Notification templates are divided into two categories:

Automated Templates: are sent to orders automatically triggered by a certain action on the orders e.g. the order is processed or a refund is booked. Available automated template types: 

  • Dispatch Notification - sent when the order is processed.
  • Order Item Exchange Booking - sent when an Exchange is booked for the order.
  • Order Item Exchange Notification - sent when an Exchange is actioned for the order.
  • Order Items Resend Notification - sent when a Resend is created for the order.
  • Refund Booking -  sent when a Refund is booked for the order.
  • Refund Notification - sent when a Refund is actioned for the order.
  • Return Booking - sent when a Return is booked for the order.
  • Return Receipt - sent when a Return is actioned for the order.

Manual Templates: can be sent manually for any occasion needed with the only limitation being the screen where it can be used whether the type is specified. Available automated template types:

  • Custom - This template will be available to be sent and customised from both Open Orders and Processed Orders screens. The user will be able to customise this template at the same time as they send the mail.
  • Open Orders - This template will be only available to be sent from the Open Orders screen.
  • Processed Orders - This template will be only available to be sent from the Processed Orders screen.
  • Purchase Orders - This template will be only available to be sent from the Edit Purchase Order screen.

Automating the emails

Automated Templates are by default sent automatically triggered by the action associated with the template. Whether you wish to use visually different emails for e.g. different channels or other instances, you can create multiples of the same template type and assign Sending Conditions, which tell the system which template to use based on certain details on the order. Full details for Sending Conditions are available here.

Manual Templates cannot by default be automated. However, for specifically Open Orders type email templates, you can use a free custom macro created by our team. This will allow you to automate sending e.g. order receipt confirmation emails, etc depending on the way you set the macro up. Please see here for full details on using the macro.