I have a CSV file on my PC that I want to import into Linnworks.

Solution 1:

  1. Go to Settings > Import & Export Data > Import Data.
  2. Click Import Now.
  3. Select the appropriate Import Type.
  4. Give the import a name for your own convenience, so that it can be recognised in the list. Alternatively, use the default name given by Linnworks.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click the Choose File button > Upload from Computer and find the file on your computer.
     Linnworks will read the file and display the column mapping data below
  7. Complete the column mapping
  8. Click Run Now

NB! Scheduled Import type imports can be set up without a schedule, so they run when you request it, but they require the file to be hosted either on an FTP/SFTP server or Dropbox.

Solution 2:

If the file you are importing is intended to add one of the below:

  • kTypes
  • Inventory images
  • Extended Properties
  • Stock Levels

Then you can also use the My Inventory screen Drag&Drop import. Please see here for full details and steps on each of the drag&drop import types together with short tutorial videos for guidance.