In some cases, you may need to change the format of only one column on your invoices, pick lists, etc templates to make some specific value or entry more noticeable. 

This can be done by using the Conditional Style option, but by leaving the condition part unspecified.

  1. Go to Settings >Template Designer > Edit on the required template.

  2. Double-click the table element inside the template to open the Edit Table screen.

  3. On the row for the column you wish to change, click the Style cell top open the Conditional Style window.

  4. Click on + Add Conditional Style button for a new row to appear.

  5. To change the appearance of this column for all cases with no exceptions of specifics, leave the Condition cell blank.
    If any conditions should be applied, click the pencil icon next to the cell to enter the required specifics. Check here for an example of the condition examples and here for more information about using expressions, whether needed.

  6. Make the needed changes from the available options:
    • Font, font style and size
    • Background colour
    • Text colour

  7. Click OK in both popup windows when you are done and be sure to save the template.