Open Orders (Beta) search should work as "search" and not "filter"

Currently if you use the search function on Open Orders it will not show you an order if the matched data is not in one of the existing columns.

For example, if you search on an eBay user ID, but are not displaying eBay User ID in the columns, then it will display no orders.

It will however tell you that the order appears in other views (including the one you are on) - i.e. the search "works", it just won't display the order unless you either add the column or search using data in a column you are displaying.

In effect it functions as a filter on the existing view. While it searches the orders, and correct identifies a matching order exists, there is no way to display it without adding the column containing the data you are searching on.

If you search for some data which appears in an order which could appear in the view (i.e. isn't excluded by filters) then it should display that order.

I've been informed this behaviour is "as designed". Hopefully a few people will agree this is stupid - please comment below (or feel free to disagree with me :))

Desktop doesn't fail in this way, so moving to .NET fully isn't happening any time soon.


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