No Tech Support unless it's URGENT! Open a ticket!!!!

Well Tech Support has just been removed unless it's URGENT! Now we need to open a ticket, that as you know can take days or even weeks to get resolved! I even have some that are 4 years old!

We've not long had to pay more for our subscription and now the level of service is getting worse!

Starting to regret signing a contract with LW for a couple of years!

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Same here.

Im going to start lookin round for alternatives if this is the case

Same here Marc, since signing up for a new contract last year the CS usefulness has almost dropped off the planet. Just out of interest are you a UK Linnworks customer? A customer success manager emailed the other day and can only assume (By the name) he was UK based but stated the following which hit a nerve when I was needing help with some ongoing issues. 

"To set expectations on your service level. Customer Success isn't something that we formally include as part of the service level agreement. CSMs are allocated where the business sees fit and in this instance your account falls within a segment we don't have available resource for to offer any dedicated CSM agent. Within your segment, we pick up any enquires within our remit and distribute them between the team based on what available resources are available."

With the above in mind, I too am thinking of moving on as it seems it's OK to take my money but not offer the same services that our competitors may be getting. I do have someone now looking into my issues but it's by no means at the level it use to be. Previously I have been known to be on a call the same day when an important issue needed resolving and it is resolved there and then. Now it seems to take weeks.

They are going like Volo Commerce Ltd did (more action behind closed doors than maintaining the product & customers) and we had a nightmare leaving them when coming to Linnworks. 

I ask if you are in the UK as I recently visited a UK trade show and I never met one other person using Linnworks so am wondering if their UK customers are being sidelined as there are not many of us and their customer base is bigger elsewhere.      


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