Allow filtering (Or Export) of products that are 'Not Listed' with Templates

Since our early days of using Linnworks we have had issues where some products would fail to re-list onto Ebay correctly. These products would display as having a template but have a '0' next to it.

We assume this is because the product has been out of stock a while and the listing has dropped off Ebay. This is a big problem for us as it could be costing us potential sales.

Linnworks does not offer a practical way to search for listings such as this, if we filter by 'Not Listed' on the inventory screen we get thousands of results, far too many to practically search through. Adding to the problem is that if we attempt to 'Export' the information from the Inventrory Screen it does not include the Template columns... so we cannot even try filter the info in Excell.

Please add the ability to filter products 'Not Listed' that have a template, preferably showing '0'.... OR add the ability to export the Template columns so we can at least download the information and filter in Excell.

The inabilty to filter in this manner means that we are not easily able to identify these products which could otherwise be listed and be potentially generating sales.

Thank you.

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