Scanning or Emailng a Supplier Invoice into Linnworks.

Currently we have to manually send all of our suppliers claims for wrong items delivered, shortages and damaged items after the purchase order has been delivered and scanned into Linnworks. 

What would be great is if I can scan the supplier invoice into Linnworks so that Linnworks can match  the specific purchase order against the supplier invoice sent using the unique reference number of the purchase order. Thereafter Linnworks can analyse and compare each line item on the invoice to what has been scanned and showing as delivered into Linnworks for that purchase order. 

The benefits are that Linnworks can then automate the process of discovering all discrepancies between what has been delivered by the supplier to what has been invoiced by the supplier for all variables such as quantity, price, supplier code etc. 

This eliminates the human element of checking every invoice manually which is a large consumption of our labour time and ensures that we can email the supplier through Linnworks for the discrepancies such as shortages or damaged items in the same way that we email the supplier our purchase order. 

Thank you for reading our feature request. 


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