Extra IOSS PAID label which can be used as manual backup by customs

We have had troubles with orders to certain countries getting charged tax when tax has been prepaid on the marketplace.. Issue seems mostly with Royal Mail but not exclusivley.

This is expensive and frustrating. There are also issues that aris when resending an IOSS package, i.e. it didnt arrive, got lost or was damaged. We shouldnt need to pay tax again. Its a huge concern for sellers. 

I propose an IOSS label that we can setup to print when IOSS data has been passed to the courier, something like below.

  • Essentially a summary of  IOSS data sent, so that it could be manually checked by recieving customs in the case that something has gone wrong. Similar to the old CN22 labels. 

  • Acts as simple check that IOSS data has been submitted for packing staff.

  • In case of Resend teh label should update to reflect tax has allready been paid.


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