Channel Integration Link All By SKU At Once

Ability to link all skus at once rather than doing it individually on each channel. Constantly having unlinked skus through Amazon marketplaces. Be good if you can have a button or even an option to automatically link them all at once.

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Hey Jermaine

if you are using 100% exact SKU parity you can do this with Export / Import schedules.

See attached file. Create a channel items export with a filter on Source & Subsource

Set it to run on a schedule out to dropbox 

See attached screen1

Then create an import for stock item linking and use a default field to specify the sub source you want to hit

see screen 2

If you have multiple amazon Locations, Create multiple Scheduled imports and change the default value for each import if the SKU's are matching a base / core marketplace. Such as Amazon and Build international Listings Tool. See Screen 3

Pop them all on an hourly or daily sync and your all done.

If you need help or want this implemented and aren't 100% confident to do it yourself, feel free to reach out to me 07722505044


Hi Sam

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question, much appreciated :) This will save me so much time and hassle, forever having unlinked skus in EU marketplaces etc. Thanks, Jermaine

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