Mobile App Stock Count, ability to add to running count as well as replace it

The mobile app Stock Count screen currently lets you scan or type a barcode or SKU to identify a Stock Item, then type a number representing the number of items found.  The number typed is remembered within the app until all items have been scanned and the full stock count is submitted to the server.

We would like that screen to allow the current count to be added to, as well as overwritten.  This is in the context of vanilla Linnworks, NOT with Warehouse Managed Locations enabled (which is a beefy add-on that would add the ability to have multiple Bin/Racks within one Location).

The use case is when there are multiple areas within one Location where stock is stored, but not in any specific Bin/Rack.  For example we have several items of SKU A, B and C in one area, and at the other end of the same room there are other items of A, B and C.  If staff scan A at the first location, enter a count, then scan B and C and repeat, then walk to the other end of the room and scan A again, it will overwrite the count found the first time.  We need that second scan to offer "add to current count".

Without this, we have to count stock using a spreadsheet involving a lot of manual data entry and potention error, and miss the ease of use of scanning barcodes with the mobile app. 

Hello Peter

This is Vinod from Rishvi Ltd - HyperStock, HyperLook. 

we have developed the stock count functionality in our Hyperstock Inventory Mobile Application and we will be able to develop the such function. 

If you still require further help or custom solutions such as Advanced SQL Queries, Custom Reports, API Solutions, or Integrations, please feel free to reach me at



Kind regards.


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