Rule Engine Enhancement - Add an item to an order

We like to run competitions and different leaflet drops via our different sites. It would be great if in the Rule Engine you would be able to add a specific product i.e. a leaflet into the order. Whilst I have seen people suggestion to make composites, this won't work as it is any order / value. And others have just suggested manually adding them, however we have multiple different websites and picking errors can occur, and given the nature of the products we sell, this would be really bad for us! Please add this feature!

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I must second this feature! Actually surprised it isn't there given the amount you can do with the rules engine. This would be great for us to start doing more promotions on the websites. An example would be spend £50 or more and get a free gift. Linnworks could use the rules engine to see if the order is over a certain amount and included maybe certain products also to enable the rule. The rule could then add a certain SKU from stock to the order. This would eliminate picking errors and keep stock levels correct too.

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