Custom View for non-FBA orders submitted to Amazon FBA to fulfill

We have been submitting non-FBA orders to Amazon FBA and need a way to view these orders so we can verify they are being processed.

We've submitted over 20 orders to Amazon FBA in the last week and 2 of them errored out and were not sent to Amazon at all. We did not find out until the customer contacted asking where their order was.

We thought this process would be a 'set it and forget it' process, but its clear that's not the case. These orders need to be followed up on to ensure they were submitted to Amazon correctly and the tracking number is input into the non-FBA marketplace correctly. 

We need a way for our warehouse to check them daily. As of right now there is no way to do that. The only view I see that might work is the open orders view with the location set to FBA. But this view shows all of our FBA orders, not the ones we sent from other non-FBA marketplaces.

Please make this a feature so your customers can ensure their non-FBA orders which were sent to Amazon are being sent correctly and tracking is being transferred back to linnworks. 

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