View Amazon Buyer Cancellation Requests on Linnworks Through API


We recently received an email from Amazon letting us know they are changing the way they handle buyer-initiated order cancellations. Effective April 27th, 2022 the following changes have been made to these types of cancellations:

• Cancelation requests will appear in a banner on the Manage Orders page.

• Notification will no longer be sent through the Buyer-Seller messaging.

• Cancelation requests can be seen in the Order Reports.

Changes to the buyer-initiated order cancelation requests for sellers who use APIs:

You can now view buyer cancelation requests through your own systems by using the “List Order Items API”. We are adding 2 fields on the API response which developers will be able to import and surface on their systems.

• Once you import the buyer cancelation requests, you can continue to cancel orders with whichever process you currently use, either through API feeds, on Seller Central or with a file upload.

For more information, go to:

Because we use Linnworks we don't often go into the manage orders section of Seller Central. Meaning we could potentially miss order cancellations and ship them out, or we'll have to be more diligent in checking Seller Central multiple times a day to keep up on cancellations. We currently receive cancellation requests through our Zendesk, and then look that order number up in Linnworks to cancel. It's not perfect, but we check Zendesk regularly so it's not as big of a deal as adding another area which we need to constantly monitor for cancellations. 

My request would be to have Linnworks import buyer cancellation requests through API as shown in the article linked above. It would streamline the process if Linnworks could use the API Amazon provided to alert us of a cancellation request, so that we can cancel it through Linnworks. Instead of having to check Seller Central multiple times a day, and then if there was a cancellation request go to Linnworks and cancel it. 

Hopefully this makes sense, and is something that could be implemented sooner than later. As the changes by Amazon have now created a headache that could easily be solved by having them inside of Linnworks.

What do you guys think?


Yes, we are struggling with this also, and would be great if this could be addressed as soon as possible, as Amazon, in their wisdom, have taken the order cancellation requests out of the buyer messaging , so we now have no way of seeing customer cancellation requests, unless we continually scroll through pages on the Amazon order screen, 


I came here to raise this same issue. I only ever see these cancellations by chance when I'm in manage orders in Amazon.

I also need this feature ASAP.

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