MPN showing in ebay variation


all my ebay listing are showing MPN as variation on listing 

could you please advise what is the issue


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Yes I only realised a few days ago, my listings are showing the same


Thank you for your letting us know about your concerns.

This is indeed does not look right. We have contacted eBay and they have confirmed that this is a bug on their end which is currently on the "Waiting to get fixed" stage.

Unfortunately, we do not see a better workaround other than hiding MPN via the ending the listing > removing the MPN > relisting, but likely, eBay then will return "MPN missing" error.

If a lot of your listings affected, feel free to contact eBay using the case ID: 220216-000002. They should be able to hide MPN for your listing.

If you will have some other questions to Support and want to share some details, please create a ticket in our Support Center:

Kind regards,

Ilja Botsarov

Linnworks Technical Support


i have contacted with ebay and received following message

We're unable to see the case ID provided by LINNWORK but can you give me sample of item number where it shows the MPN on your listing?

and now my sale is going down day by day.

We have exactly the same issue which is killing our sales. Is there a solution yet?


We have the exact same issue, I do not want to end the listing as we will loose all the sales history which will effect where the listings will show in the search listings. 

Please can Linnworks push for a solution from eBay urgently, as this issue is really effecting sales. 

Has anyone been in touch with eBay directly and got them to hide the MPN on their listings? I am not sure how they would be able to do this without deleting the variations.


I have opened a ticket with Linnworks which hasnt been resolved (Friday 18th February). I was given a case number to contact Ebay , so they could hide the MPN at their end, Ebay refused and told me it was a Linnworks issue. Our online total sales for this week are now less than a normal day!

Very frustrating indeed! I think it is both a Linnworks and eBay problem. There is a discussion open on the eBay technical issues forum  (see link below) where other people are experiencing the same issue. I think the more people who post on both platforms the better. That way both Linnworks and eBay can see this issue is effecting many sellers. 

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