Dispatch - Scan Composite Parent Barcode - "Multiple Different child SKUs" Edition

When scanning a product for dispatch we would like to scan a composite parent barcode and that would tell Linnworks that all the child items are present.

We have some composite products that contain a large number of different child SKUs, too many to make it viable to scan every one each time. We will make up a number of packs containing the child SKUs and put on the Composite Parent Barcode Label. If we can simply scan this barcode in dispatch to say "all present, print shipping label" then we would save a lot of time.

There is an option in settings to scan the composite parent barcode but currently, this only works if the parent contains multiple quantities of only one child SKU, i.e: 5 x white-tee-small. It's nearly there, it so nearly does what we need it to do, can we get it tweaked to be even better?

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