Amazon orders sync problems


We are facing issue in getting orders from amazon to Linnworks last four days amazon Beta shoes channel orders are not getting into Linnworks it is showing disabled if we turn it into enabled after some time it will automatically disabled don't why? please check the problem and get to resolve asap.



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I have taken a look that your Integration does not disable automatically any longer.

Please, for this kind of questions, contact our Support to get it resolved quickly. The resolution may contain sensitive details. Here, it is not possible to solve.

In order to carefully investigate your case, it will be best if you will contact us via tickets, chat or phone.

By following this link you will see our contact details at the bottom of the page:

Via the Support Center, you will be able to create tickets or read useful information about the topic of interest:

Kind regards,

Ilja Botsarov

Linnworks Tecnichal Support

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