Many companies need complex split functionality in order to divert each split to the relevant warehouse or 3PL.

The split options available in the Rules Engine are very simplistic.

To add more control for users, the Rules Engine should allow for:

  • Split based on product category
  • Split based on extended property (which would allow granular control at the SKU level)
We have had to hire in this development work to route our orders to the right warehouse/3PL, which has been expensive and massively held up our transition to Linnworks.

Many competitors e.g. Orderhive, have far better split functionality.

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That is a fantastic idea, and definitely should be considered. 

Thanks Slavena! We finally have our splits working after investment into some custom macros. Was a massive pain for a new customer like us to be immediately held up by poor split options!

Well, hopefully, the feature can be pushed in by Linnworks team. However, I wouldn't necessarily hope for it.

With that in mind what kind of investment have you made for the macro, we are always looking for potential solutions.

Feel free to email me at and I'd be happy to provide more information on the splitter macro we have built, and put you in touch with the team that built it for us :)

They are a third party developer, and are a Linnworks Certified Partner.

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