Raising a PO in Open Orders view for "Out of Stock" items is ordering surplus stock

Reaching out to the community as the ticket I have with Linnworks since the day they removed ReOrderLowStock on desktop remains unanswered.

We work on a Just In Time fulfilment model - and the option to reorder stock to fulfil open orders was paramount to our business model - creating PO's twice daily across 10+ suppliers.

Since Linnworks shut this feature down, we've been ordering via a filtered view for "Insufficient to Fulfil" and "Cannot fulfil" with an additional indicator only to show stock items with a stock level of minus 1.


We create our PO's by selecting "Creating Purchase Order"  - "Out of Stock" items.


In instances where a customer has placed a multi SKU order (extremely common), ALL items from that order are being added to an "out of Stock" purchase order even when they are in stock in the default location. 

Customer orders 3 SKU's

Order 1 x SKU A: Default Location Stock Level 0
Order 1 x SKU B: Default Location Stock Level 1
Order 1 x SKU C: Default Location Stock Level 10

Linnworks will order 1 of each SKU A, B and C regardless of the positive stock level.

It appears to count the requirement on a "per order"  basis rather than on a "Per SKU" level.

The above has resulted in more than five pallets of accumulated surplus stock being ordered across all suppliers in the past month (most do not allow returns for ordered in error) at a cost of thousands of pounds, copious amounts of admin and a rapidly increasing space issue in the warehouse.

I've been pleading daily with the Linnworks chat support agents for input and a call back from senior management as well as recording a detailed video showing a working example of the issue - The ticket has remained unanswered and for the entire month of October I've had no call..

We're close to financial breaking point with this and I'm really hoping someone comes across this an has a solution. 


Thank you for reaching us!

I can see there has been an ongoing investigation regards this in your ticket 1465712 and our team has provided you with the explanation why this was caused. If you have any further questions regards this, please add them under ticket 1465712.

Kind regards,


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