Image Size Restriction For Picture Bulk Uploads "Add Image"


When we add images to our listings using the "add image" option the system brakes down and wont let us do it. Using the drag and drop feature it does work fine. Drag and Drop takes more time though that "add image" We got an answer from Linnworks when we asked about this problem already:


It seems like the cause of this issue is the way how both options work in Linnworks: with "Add Image" only one API call made (for all the images at once) while with Drag & Drop a call per image, which allows quite many images to be uploaded at once. This functionality is working as it was designed to work.


I have to say I do not understand this. Why is it designed this way? With drag and drop i have to click more and the thumbnail pic in "my inventory" doesnt show right away. I have to refresh to show the tumbnail pic.

We upload about 50 to 80 lisitings a day, each listing with 12 individual pics.


I wish Linnworks could make the " add image" feature work the same way as  " drag and drop"



Niko with Niko with Mototech271


Thank you for reaching us!

The explanation provided to you via ticket is correct and the two functionalities have different size limits at the moment. However please note that our team are also looking into increasing the size limit for the "Add Images" window and for it to behave similarly to Drag & Drop.

Kind regards,


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