Extended properties drop down - .net

When adding a new product on 'My Inventory', we add our commercial invoice information under 'Extended Properties'.

On Linnworks desktop, when you add a new row, there is a dropdown available under 'Name' which lists all the names we have used so far, e.g. 'Commodity code', 'Contents description' etc. This makes adding all the information quick and easy.

On Linnworks.net, the drop down doesn't appear under 'Name', so we have to type/copy it in every time. There is a drop down menu available under 'Type' on .net and desktop.

There seems to be something there, as once you have written the Extended property name and click back into the box, other pre-existing names appear, but not when the box in empty initially.


Could you please add/fix the drop down under 'Name' to Linnworks.net so it has the same functionality as Linnworks desktop?

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