Easier price changing in multile selling channels


We constantly have to change our pricing for certain parts. We do not use the CSV upload price change feature in bulks!. It does not work for our needs.

We sell our parts 5% cheaper on shopify than on ebay.

When i want to change my pricing I have to change it in " retail price" , " shopify Price" and  " ebay price " by hand. That is very time consuming.

I wish Linnworks would have a built in tool that could do this automatically. I would like to just change the retail price in the front end and Linnworks does the shopify and ebay price change in the background by my personal needs ( 5% cheaper on shopify than on ebay) automatically.

I am very very sure that many Linnworks customers would love to have this available as well.


Niko with Mototech271

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I think some sort of pricing engine where you can set things for different channels and different price points would be great. 

Yes exactly. That way you would just need to change the pice one time and it does adjusts it on all channels as you set it up.

That would be so great. And i do know linnworks customers are asking for this for years already.

I really hope they will do something about it soon.


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