Fix the new way eBay multiple orders are handled so they are one order

Splitting eBay orders is a very poor way to handle orders and needs to be resolved ASAP. If you miss the orders to merge it ends up costing you money as the customer has only paid one lot of shipping.

This is one order and should never come in to LW like this - 


Auto merge wouldn't merge these as they are different postage options. Auto merge doesn't work very well as a customer could make a pre order in the morning that we'd order and place a tag on, make another one in the evening that would auto merge and get missed as we wouldn't see the new order.

This just seems like sticking a plaster over a gaping wound.


Thank you for reaching us!

I can see that you have also contacted us through chat and your feedback was forwarded to our developers about this. 

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I also opened a ticket for this problem. It doesn't happen to all eBay orders. For some reason, some orders with multiple different items are showing up as individual orders. This is causing us a lot of problems. We've already accidentally shipped out partial orders before we noticed they were all supposed to be a single order.

Any solution or ideas when this will be fixed?

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Kenny Davis


At the moment when Linnworks sees that a combined invoice has new items added we download and save those items as separate orders per each order item due to the original implementation of the combined invoice logic. You can find more information about the eBay combined invoices here

I can see in the ticket there was also a solution suggested for you to identify these orders based on the order identifier.

If you are still having issues with specific orders, please create a new ticket and provide us with order examples so we can review this further.

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