When resending items through Linnworks.net Prompt to open the order edit screen.

As it stands currently, whenever we resend an item through the desktop version of linnworks, at the end of the process it prompts us to edit the order details. This does not happen on linnworks.net

The function would absolutely improve our workflow, as we use the resend function to dispatch replacement parts and such. This means that the original item has to be removed from the order, to avoid stock reduction. This does not in itself sound like a sizeable delay. However, when you have multiple replacement parts that need to be dispatched throughout the day, it definitely adds up. Leading to the team having a preference towards the desktop version.

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I agree with this. When you create the resend there is a pop-up message that appears saying something similar to "Order 123456 has been created for the resend". It would be great if that order number was a clickable link to go in and edit the order.

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