IOSS Order Note

Could Linnworks add an Order Note to say this order is an "EU IOSS Order"?  It would be similar to how Linnworks send an order note for business orders: "Amazon B2B Order".

If the MARKETPLACE_IOSS order extended property is populated, then it would add an order note to say "EU IOSS Order".  This could then be picked up in the Rules Engine.

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This is almost essential now as we've been told Linnworks will no longer be putting the IOSS number in the delivery address, it will only be in an Order extended property. SO once that happens there is no easy visible way to see an order is an IOSS number, you have to notice it's an eU order under the IOSS threshol;d and then go looking for it in Order Properties. There needs to be some sort of easy and clear way to see an order is an IOSS order.

Is there any update on whether this is being implemented?

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