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We use the linnworks system to manage our eBay orders but we also have a shop which we don't currently use linnworks for. 

I'm looking for a till system that we can link with linnworks to manage stock for the shop orders as well as the mail order side as we are unable to use the stocking system until we find a till/software to do this. 

Wondering, what do other people use for their tills/software to manage shop orders?

Dear Andrew,

You posted this topic some time ago but did you find a solution for this?  I am sure this is a problem for many small business owners but there doesn't seem to be an easy solution.

Hi Diana, 

We have ended up using shopify but the till side only.

It's around £7-9 a month to use the basic shopify till system. It's not perfect and you have to upgrade for exchanges and other bits but looking around $89

You can process returns on shopify but it doesn't feed this back into linnworks. 

Depending on your business it might be worth having a look. 

If you haven't seen there is a Linnworks Facebook group that can be useful to use as well. 

anything else, I might be able to help with, let me know and I will try


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