Full Etsy Integration

It has been a number of years since anyone at Linnworks mentioned a Beta for Etsy integration. Is there any chance this can be re-visited as there a number of listings platforms that can directly publish to Etsy, but having to copy data from Linnworks to the likes of GetVela slows down progress.

Etsy is really starting to build momentum for us and we receive more sales on Etsy than we do on eBay now. 

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Can we have some kind of update for this? I remember asking about this 2-3 years back and being told it was in the development roadmap however nothing has been released. An Etsy configurator to publish items would be extremely useful to a lot of sellers - Etsy is one of the largest marketplaces in the world.

Now you have rolled Etsy API v3 out, is this going to be in your development plans?

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