Export SKUs with Listing Templates Per Channel

We've run into a few scenarios now where it would be really, really helpful to have an export for exporting all SKUs with active templates on a particular channel.

All we're asking for is that if an item has a template, whether that be a single SKU or a variation parent, then there should be a way to export these SKUs to get an accurate representation of what is currently listed on that channel.

Currently, we cannot see a way to get both single SKUs and variation Parents that have templates exported into a single spreadsheet.

A user case scenario for this is that currently we wish to do a complete re work on the extended properties currently being used on our active shopify listings.

At the moment there is no real way of seeing which SKUs are listed on our shopify channel. Using the Channel Items export does not include variation parents for some reason(?) and using a normal inventory export with channel SKU columns only shows you the single SKUs that are listed, or the child variation SKUs (which isnt useful as these SKUs don't need shopify tags).

Why is there no simple way to export SKUs that have a template currently live on a channel? I feel that this would help greatly with seeing exactly what information is being sent up to this channel and would make batch editing far easier.




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