problems in my acount in linnworks

Hi I am new in linnworks we stat to bw a live in about one month

I have 2 problems

all the orders from amazon canada dont came to linnworks acount: buy2you

order made on 05.18.21 sku 8V-3XOC-I0TP (Kosher 4.75" Klaf Scroll Parchment for Mezuza Mezuzah)

another order made on 18.05.21 sku RH-L2DP-G5LU (15" Kosher Black Rams Horn Polished Shofar Made in Israel)

the other problem I saw on linnworks (Order Management Performance Issues ) what its mean?

thanks for your help



Thank you for reaching us!

I see that you already have ticket #1440000 open for this issue, where this is being investigated and you will recieve future updates there. 

Kind regards, 


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