How do you process orders?

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to find out how other people process their orders and best practices? We have between 100-200 orders per day and vary from large letter/parcel and DPD. We manually set the postage service based on which category it is in, then we have to process orders which prints our invoice and Royal Mail/DPD label on a 6x4 printer. This is OK but very time-consuming, especially on a Monday where we might have 500+ orders to get through. (we found a bit of software that automatically clicks the space bar every 8 seconds which remedies this to some degree!!)


On the desktop version they had batch processing which did everything in one hit, but we cannot figure out how to do it on the web version. 

Any hints and tips would be great


Will & Team

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We've set up our postage on the item in the inventory and also use rules engine to help determine if the order needs a different service for multi purchases. 

I set up an invoice template but use this as our picking list so one invoice sheet per order. Once the order has been picked, it's packed, and then we can scan the order from the invoice in the dispatch console to print the shipping label and to process this order. This helps to monitor any orders or invoices that might have been misplaced and not actually dispatched. 

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