IOSS number for imports (ebay message)

I have been notified by ebay that from the 1st July 2021 an IOSS number for VAT collection must be shared with the carrier in order for customs in each EU country to know that the VAT has already been collected and therefore not to charge it to the recipient. This is the message below

"Share IOSS number for imports: where eBay has collected VAT on your shipment from the UK to the EU (up to a consignment value of EUR 150), always electronically provide to your carrier the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) number provided by eBay. Otherwise, your buyers may have to pay VAT again on delivery."

Is Linnworks aware of this change and will this be integrated to be included in EU postage labels or customs labels?

Essentially is this something which has already been looked into as I cannot seem to find any literature on a solution for this to be integrated by Linnworks.

Kind Regards Patrick

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Came on here to ask the same thing, looks like all eBay sellers will need this implementing into all available delivery services that are booked through Linnworks (Royal Mail mainly for us)


I have raised this with the developers that look after our Sales Channels and Courier integrations to look at making this information available.

We have looked at the API documentation provided by eBay and there is no reference there for eBay to provide the IOSS number.

Therefore, we would have to look at allowing users to set this value on the Courier config.

Therefore, I have a few questions that would help us with this

  1. Is the IOSS number provided by eBay or when you register on the IOSS Portal?
  2. If it is provided by eBay, how is the number made available to you as a seller?
  3. If you are selling on other marketplaces, eg Amazon is the same IOSS number used?

many thanks


Hi Mark,

This is something eBay only announced a couple of days ago as far as I know, so I don't think there is a great deal of info available yet, hopefully it's something they will be adding into the API as Linnworks Royal Mail integration basically won't work without it.

  1. Is the IOSS number provided by eBay or when you register on the IOSS Portal? The system isn't implemented yet so they don't currently provide one. It sounds like the IOSS number is an individual reference number for each shipment that shows import VAT/duty has been pre-collected from the recipient by eBay and will be paid on by eBay, but at present eBay doesn't collect these charges in advance. At the moment the recipient is billed for any duty/taxes when the goods clear customs by the courier or postal service. So until it comes into force (on 1st July) eBay aren't providing anything, but the info from eBay (in Patrick's original post) suggests eBay will be providing the number, it doesn't mention having to register on the IOSS portal.
  2. If it is provided by eBay, how is the number made available to you as a seller? Unknown yet, presumably it will be in the order details somewhere and needs to be in the API really for any kind of order management/shipping solutions to work with eBay going forward.
  3. If you are selling on other marketplaces, eg Amazon is the same IOSS number used? The regulations enforcing this on eBay will also affect Amazon (and any other online marketplace), so the Amazon integration will also need updating when it comes into force. The IOSS numbers will be unique to each individual order/shipment as far as I can tell.

hi David,

many thanks for the details you have provided, really appreciated.

As you say this is new feature announcement by eBay and information is light, hence me checking with you as a seller

I will take this back to our developers and our contacts at eBay.




I have reached out to our contacts at eBay to get some visibility on the information they will be providing through the API and when this will occur.

In the meantime here are a few links that may be helpful for understanding more about the upcoming EU VAT changes 



for reference, eBay have let us know they will be providing a full tech/API update to us in the next 6-10 days.

Once we have this we will be able to provide guidance on what we will be able to implement and by when.


Hi Mark,

Is there any update on this ?



Any updates please, only a week to go!  This is going to be the same for Amazon, Fruugo, CDiscount and Ebay, and no doubt other channels.  We need to know Linnworks has this covered!!

If we need to be doing anything please let us know or it could be chaos!

Many thanks


any update?

Hello all,

Apologies about the lack of updates. Our development teams have been working on getting the required changes ready based on the communication that we were receiving from marketplaces and shipping couriers.

The IOSS numbers will be passed to Linnworks and stored on orders as Order Extended Properties called 'MARKETPLACE_IOSS' - this will be happening automatically and as soon as the marketplaces will start passing them to 3rd party integrations via API. For this side of things there are no additional actions required to be done.

And in order to pass these IOSS numbers to shipping carriers, there may need to be a few additional checks that will need to be done, but only once. These checks will depend on the shipping carrier that you are using. In order to make it easier, the available information related directly to IOSS was put together in this solution article, which is being updated as and when there are new features released:

There are some updates that are currently blocked by the marketplaces/carriers, as they are looking to release the live versionы of updated API closer to the 1st of July, but we are in close contact with them over the timeframes and preparing the required development work in advance.

Hope this helps for now.

Kind regards,


Thanks for the update, it is running close to the deadline so I hope it is in place by then!

CDiscount say they want this on the labels: 

Cdiscount IOSS number: IM2500000295

VAT number FR Cdiscount: FR 34 424 059 822

Which is probably more than fits on!

Hope it gets sorted soon!


Some couriers (for example Royal Mail) have notified us that the IOSS numbers only need to be passed electronically and should not be printed on shipping labels. There will be some carriers, for whom the IOSS Number may appear on additional documents such as Commercial Invoices, however not on labels themselves. 

I believe the main value that needs to be passed for CDiscount in this case is the IOSS number - IM2500000295, as some couriers have not added additional fields for IOSS numbers, and are instead utilising the VAT Number/TaxId fields that already exist in their API, meaning that you will only be able to pass 1 Tax Id to the carrier. Those that have added separate fields for IOSS will allow you to submit both the VAT Number and the IOSS number.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


In the email from CDiscount....




Rules for importing goods into the EU from outside the EU

In order to allow the exemption of the VAT payment when importing goods sold on our marketplace, Cdiscount's tax information will have to be clearly indicated on the customs documents and on the packages in the following two cases:




Sales ≤ €150*

Cdiscount is responsible for paying the import VAT.
In order to benefit from the VAT exemption at customs, it is imperative to provide your freight forwarder with the IOSS number and the FR VAT number of the company Cdiscount. These two numbers must be entered by your freight forwarder on the H7 customs declaration.


Otherwise, VAT will be due at the time of import by the importer.
Cdiscount IOSS number: IM2500000295
VAT number FR Cdiscount: FR 34 424 059 822

Is there any update on whether this has been implemented fully? It is now 1st July, we have paused EU sales for now so we need to know urgently if Linnworks is now supporting IOSS number, and if we need to do anything to use them. If for example we sell an item to France through eBay sent by Royal Mail and eBay collects the tax, will the IOSS number be automatically passed on to Royal Mail through the Linnworks Royal Mail Integration?

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