Add more dynamic URLS to to allow direct link sharing

When editing Products/Orders/Purchase Orders etc it would be very useful if the product ID was appended to the page URL and then supported as a direct link to that item.

This way team members can say: 

"Hey can you review"

"Hey can you add images to"

And share a working link.

Currently this would require the other person to navigate to the specific item themelves.

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Should also be able to link directly to orders.

URL displayed:

This changes when you look at different orders so should be 'easy' to allow the direct linking to orders rather than it redirecting to the Home screen.


Indeed, I thought some parts of the app did have dynamic URLS, but I now notice even these don't actually work properly if you copy paste them into an address bar.  Linking to orders for example sometimes loads a blank order or a half broken version of the order when you can't click on certain tabs.

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