Single Item Orders Picklist

Is there a way we can print single item orders picklist? Everyday, we've to struggle with picklist to mark single item orders for the pickers. As we are processing single and multi item orders from different Despatch Console.

Hello Ghulam Raja!

Thank you for your questions.

In order to print picklists with single items or multiple I can advise you creating a view in open orders screen and there set up a filter to show you either 2 or more SKUs: 

Or if you want to check for orders that have only one SKU there please set the filter to "Number of items is 1"
This way you will have a specific view set and from that view you can print the needed pick list.

Also here is a link to our documentation on how to create views with all details and a video that might be helpful:

Should you have any further questions please contact our Tech Support via ticket, chat or phone and we will assist you with the setup.

Kind regards,


Linnworks Technical Support

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