Why is there no "Delivery Date"?

Dispatch date is critical, but it would be nice and useful to have delivery date also.  We allow our customers to select a delivery date via a calendar selection (because it's furniture but also a better service so the customer is at home).  So delivery dates are just as important as dispatch dates for us. 

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Hi Jonny,

could you confirm which Sales platform you are using that allows you to let your customers select a delivery date.

Fully understand your requirement and I know that Linnworks does support this feature for Amazon Scheduled Delivery as they provide the date as part of the order information that is used to create the Linnworks order.

Therefore, it would good to know which platform you are using and if delivery date is an out of the box feature or an add-on to the platform.

many thanks


Hi.  It's custom coded on our platform.

We've also built our own API into Linnworks to handle other complexities. 

Hi Jonny,

in that case then it should be possible when you create these orders via the API to set the Scheduled Delivery Date.

If you need any assistance on the specific API call for this the Linnworks customisation team will be able to point you in the right direction.


Hi Jonny,

For ref, not sure how you are creating the orders, but just in case you use /api/Orders/CreateOrders I see there is an Example Request here which includes DeliveryStartDate and DeliveryEndDate

I would also suggest using your own Custom Order Identify to filter/show at a glance which orders have a Scheduled Delivery when looking at Open Orders



Thanks. We've spoken a lot to your support team and they've advised it's not possible.  #1387026 ticket stated just that if you take a look.  Hence why I've left this as a feature request as it's missing! 

Also, even if it were added to the API side, your frontend app has no where for this data to show.  It just seems like such an obvious piece of information that is missing.  We're unable to setup rules, filters, views, etc, without it which would be useful.   

Hi Jonny,

I have just spoken with the agent you were working with in the support ticket.

Based on the example info you provided he made the assumption you were looking to use the SetOrderGeneralInfo call as this is where those parameters exist

'DispatchBy' => '2020-01-01',
'DespatchByDate' -> '2020-01-01',
'ScheduledDelivery' => [
'From' => '2020-01-03',
'To' => '2020-01-03',
'HasScheduledDelivery' => true,
'DeliveryStartDate' => <span class="fr-marker" data-id="0" data-type="false" style="display: none; line-height: 0;"></span><span class="fr-marker" data-id="0" data-type="true" style="display: none; line-height: 0;"></span>'2020-01-03',
'DeliveryEndDate' => '2020-01-03',

However, in the /api/Orders/CreateOrder call which I shared with you in this thread it is possible to set the Scheduled Deliver date using the following parameters

"DeliveryStartDate": "2019-07-08T14:31:53.5211367+01:00",
"DeliveryEndDate": "2019-07-08T14:31:53.5211367+01:00",

There will be a follow up in the ticket to assist you with using this call to create the order and set the required dates.

With regards to visibility of the dates they can be displayed in Open Orders Beta by editing the view and ticking the options in the Shipping Information for Schedule Delivery Start and Scheduled Delivery End

Rules can also be configured using the Delivery Start/End Day/Hour/Minute options

Once you have the values saved on an order the support team will be able to assist on this or if needed you can book a training session to help with the configuration



Hi.  Thanks for your reply on this as it's been more useful than the official support.

We have indeed tried this before also, but there is a bug with how the dates display when using this. Everything resorts to the year 0001.  

So this is not usable unless it can be fixed?  We've reported this before already maybe 5 months ago. 

          'DeliveryStartDate' => $date
'DeliveryEndDate' => $endDate,
'HasScheduledDelivery' => true,


Hi Jonny,

I will chase the dev team on this for you.

In the mean-time you can try using the original Open Orders screen which also allows you to display Delivery Dates.

I have checked this and can confirm it does display the correct date.



Ok, interesting. The issue now with the old orders screen is that it doesn't have a "despatch by date".  This is just as important for all this to work together. 

The key requirement here is that if you have a "delivery date" to meet, you ALSO require a "dispatch date" to work to.  Both are integral and equally important.  

We can supply both dates from our API because the dispatch date calculation needs a script to calculate and offset for weekends/holidays because it's not always just the "day before" for next day deliveries.  Actually some couriers are 2 days ahead.  If we ship to the USA then we need a 4 day lead time between dispatch and delivery date.  The rules here are getting complex so although it would be nice to have this in Linnworks, we'll process on our side as we're a long way off on Linnworks handling such calculations.  

The dispatch date is more important to us as we can at least use this, so we will use the new order view.  But to go back to my original point on this topic, is that we can't have both of these dates showing on orders and thus are missing delivery dates.  Thanks for bringing this to your devs as it's clearly a small bug if it's showing on the old view so the data is there! 


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