Import Inventory - Comma's in text breaking CSV import

We are experiencing errors when importing CSV's via an Inventory Import. There are several occasions where a comma in the text breaks the columns and causes an import error. (i.e. "Short description" contains comma's in the description)

Is there any way to programmatically 'wrap' these comma's on import so they do not cause columns to break?

The problem we are seeing is with the error log file that we download, when opened the comma's in text break the file making it really hard to read and find the problem.

Also looks like the error log file gets broken by this character: "

Please can you find a way to wrap these characters in the error log so the log can be read? 

Hello Will,

Thank you for reporting this to us. A ticket ID 1394234 has been created for you regarding this and you will be advised there.

Best regards,


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