HI, I am wondering if it would be possible to add a CN22 customs form to the bottom of the Royal Mail 2D barcode labels as there is space of the bottom of the postage label for this to be included. 

It would save so much time if it could be filled with the relevant details for any orders going outside the UK which from January 2021 all orders going outside the UK will require, therefore for a lot of users more CN22 labels will need to be filled out manually or printed on a separate label which seems a little unnecessary as there is space on the Royal Mail labels already.

I do understand the printing of CN22 customs forms along with the postage label is currently possible but we have small items which would not have the space for 2 of these 6 x 4 postage labels to be stuck to them and it seems like a waste of time and labels.

Any ideas if this can already be done or if not this should definitely be considered as a hugely time saving addition to the international postage labels.

I have attached the CN22 form we currently use which are printed onto sheets of labels so the CN22 form doesn't have to be that big for Royal Mail.

Kind Regards Patrick

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