Illogic programming logic. Order status code 1 with 2 different order status name (Processed and Cancelled)

In the processed orders screen, you have 2 different status name for the same status code and inversely you have for the same status name, 2 different status code: 


The status code 1 correspond to "Processed" orders AND to some of the "Cancelled" orders.

Or inversely, the status name "Cancelled" corresponds to 2 status code, 0 AND 1 .

From what I understand the orders that are cancelled due to orders MERGING, are considered as Cancelled with status 0

The orders that are cancelled with a full refund are considered as Processed with status 1 (which, in my view, is totally illogic as these orders are truly cancelled unlike the merge ones which in the end get processed somehow)

I have been told this is the intended way of working for Linnworks and I think it is quite confusing, especially if you have the "bad idea" to pull data from the processed orders screen and try to reconcile it with a query data. Query data report only consider the order status name unlike the processed orders report which only considers the status code

So, if you would like linnworks to be a bit more logic, you would change the status name and code of those orders to differentiate them.

=> e.g. Cancelled - Merged (status code 0), Processed (status code 1), Cancelled - REFUNDED (status code 6)

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