Split package button for barcode guns when packing large orders


We have some orders that are up to 50 lines, and our customer requires us to let them know what products are in each carton. We require a button or feature to automate the split package as the order is being packed.

Packers will get the order > scan each item into a carton > once carton is full, press button to move onto a new carton > Linnworks to record what items are in each carton (may be lots of the same product in seperate cartons). The once the order is packed, we can create our paperwork and labels for the customer to know what is where and then we can process the order. 

Ideally this needs to be on the Linnworks Mobile app, as the dispatch won't be done until the order is packed.

I am more than happy to pay for this feature as we require this asap. 

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