ebay orders downloading without shipping

 Anybody any ideas on this one. Quite a few of our foreign orders are now being downloaded without their shippingcost so the total on LW is different to the total on ebay and the total on the xml that LW gets from ebay. LW just says it is nothing to do with them but surely if their integration isn't working properly it is up to their developers to talk to ebay developers. We do not have access to their API for downloading orders etc.

Hopefully a bit more help please.


Thank you for reaching out to us!

We did receive a lot of requests related to this issue recently and contacted eBay about it. 

It has been confirmed that it is a bug on eBay side. We are currently awaiting resolution from them.

You may reach out to eBay Concierge (regular seller support) and quote incident ID 200701-000007 to help raise awareness to this problem.

Thank you for understanding and collaboration.


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