Label printing messed up

Ever since the virtual printer update on the 10/6/20. The labels are now printing a label and blank label per order. This means when we put a roll of 500 labels in the printer. 250 blank labels are going in the bin.

Can this issue be fixed as the 'fix' on the 10/6/20 created this issue.



Thank you for contacting us here at Linnworks Technical Support! There are a few steps which we advise you to take in order to resolve the issue (assuming you are using a Zebra printer).

1. Calibrating the printer

2. Re-installing the latest drivers - 

3. Checking that KDU option is disabled
  • Click on Windows [Start].

  • Go to Devices and Printers.

  • Right click on the Zebra Label Printer.

  • Select "Printer Properties".

  • Click on [General].

  • Click on [Preferences].

  • Click on [Advance Setup].

  • Click on [Miscellaneous] - Make sure that "KDU Repeat Prompt" is not ticked.

  • This is because the label printers can be run stand-alone with a KDU - Keyboard Display Unit. If you are not using a KDU this setting needs disabling.

Best Regards,


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