Download open orders in CSV format directly on computer or via email


I want to set-up a CSV file with my open order to export to my 3PL. I don't have SFTP/FTP, HTTP or Dropbox options. So basically I am stuck which is quite shocking as any market place allow open orders direct download on your computer or via email.

Also this would be much easier to set-up the CSV file and run test (even with SFTP/FTP, you don't necessarly want to mess up the place with test file, and you might not have access to it directly as it could belong to your 3PL). 

I really don't get it, why you force us to obligatorily use a 3rd party to export open orders although all our other data (e.g. listing) can be exported directly to our computer. Really don't like at all to be forced to pay extra when simple and easy solution do exist

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