Only allow picked orders to show up using despatch console

So every morning we have approx 500 orders showing up in open orders. First thing I do is print the whole picklist for every single order. The picker goes round each aisle picking the required items which are all stacked up on the picking trolley. For example the aisles start at A01 and finishes at H10 and he would have picked 10 items of product A at A01-03-04, 5 items of product B at A06-05-01 6 items of product C at B05-03-04 and so on and so on till he finished the list. He then takes the trolley to the packers where they each have their own workstation with linnworks, shipping label printer and scanner. Picker A decides to pick up product A out the packing trolley, scans it and then a shipping label is printed for each of the orders with these items, after processing 10 of these items.... what do you know, without his knowledge, 3 more of these have been purchased during this time and have now shown up on his order screen but he has no stock in the trolley to fulfill these orders, so he goes back to aisle A01-03-04 to grab one of these products so he can pack it and process it. And guess what!? Another shipping label is printed for product A and he goes back again, grabs 1 item of product A, packs it and processes it. Seriously!!? another one! He goes back but this time to not be fooled again he grabs a handful of product A only to find after processing it, he doesn't need the rest of Product A and leaves it at the bottom of the picking trolley. After a whole day of this the trolley just becomes a complete mess and is the most frustrating thing I have to witness with packers constantly going back to grab items that wasn't on the picking list to start with. Not to mention half way through the day the picker picks the new unpicked orders that has come in which is another 100+ items, it becomes an unmanageable mess each and everyday. Having 1000s of different skus and many orders, this is by far the most efficient way I have found of picking large amounts of items into one area and getting them packed by a group of packers. But not having the function of only allowing picked orders to show up whilst using despatch console is causing me serious problems. I've been asking and trying to get round this problem since day 1.

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