Add an actual barcode (not just the number) to the parent product on a packing list for easy label printing.

I have created a 'picking list' for our large orders so that the packers can work from this while they prepare parts to the order. 

Some products we sell need to have barcode labels printed and stuck to the products. We are finding that people are typing in the wrong barcode number onto LW, and printing the incorrect barcode label, causing problems and costs later on down the line. The packers don't have any product knowledge so are not seeing thier errors.

We need the 'picking list' to show the actual barcode for each product line so that this can be scanned onto LW's and printed. 

We are trying to eliminate any human manual input for our processes.

We are happy to pay for this feature if we can get this implented asap.

Kind regards,


Hi Luke,

Linnworks can print a Barcode for any field that is displayed on the paperwork that is produced (Invoice/Pick List/Pack List/Stock Item Label)

All you need to do is set the Font, which for a cell in the table on a Pick List will be as follows.

  • Edit the Pick List Template
  • Double-click on the Table
  • For the field you wish to be displayed as a Barcode, click on the square in the column Style
  • Click the button "Barcode" so that it turns blue
  • Click OK
  • Save the Template

More details on working with Templates can be found in the following guide.



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