Give more options to merge orders

Your criteria to merge orders is bullshit and an example of laziness to work: 

Orders can only be merged if they satisfy the following criteria:
Customer name and address must match (Case-sensitivity will not be applied)
The orders must originate from the same channel (Source & SubSource)
All orders must be paid
All orders must have the same currency
All orders must have the same Linnworks Postal Service
All orders are not Locked/Parked

The same people have bought orders with the different shipping methods or in different currencies they couldn't be merged even we can't create a rule to do it. We waste paper, packaging material, a post office has more job and the most important - people receive fragments, not the full order. This is the 21 century. 

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This frustrates me too. Mainly on ebay, customer purchases multiple items, 1 of those items they paid 1st class, doesn't merge so they get the 1st class item and wonders where the rest is. Quite embarrassing

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