Dealing with orders when you've oversold stock.


We have a problem that when we oversell stock the system does not mark any orders that could be fulfilled as 'ready to process' for example:

We have five orders for the same SKU but we only have four in stock, we'd expect the oldest four orders to automatically change there status and move to 'ready to process' so that our WMS (Smartcode) can add these into a picking batch like normal orders and get them picked and dispatched to our customers.

Currently unless we intervene all five orders will sit in out of stock until our supplier delivers enough stock to fulfill all orders.

Does anyone else have this problem and if so a solution on how to change it?

If nothing can be done on Linnworks could we ask smartcode to change their API call to look at or remove something?

Best regards,


Hello Craig,

Thank you for reaching us!

In the new Open Orders beta you can set up a view with a filter as per below screenshot. That way only orders that can be fulfilled will be displayed in the view:

I hope this helps! In case you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us back!



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