data import expression help - delete part of a string


 I was wondering if anyone could point me in the correct direction for editing a string from a csv at the date import level using an expression.

I am not a programming expert and having looked at the string expressions I can't see a string that can do what I want on its own.

The string is:


The data comes from a Sharepoint lookup column. I need to extract the value only which is BOL

The ID in the string could be 1 2 or 3 digits, all other characters in the string do not vary.

I have been looking at search string and sub string  which I think may work but don't understand how you can pass the result down through a sequence of expressions to get the desired output of BOL

Using search string to find Value outputs the character count to Value and if 7 is added then that would give the character count to remove leaving BOL")

The remove command could then take care of the stray characters at the end.

Is this all possible?

Hi Garry,

This is Nick from HyperCommerce. Hopefully, you have fixed this by now. If not, please feel free to reach me at

We can help you resolve this within your PowerApps application or sharepoint app.

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