Add Stock Needed value to .Net My Inventory for PO Creation

Whilst shows as Implemented, .Net still doesn't fully replicate the Reorder Low Stock functionality from the Desktop app properly.

From what I can tell, there is still no way in .Net to show a 'Needed' quantity which takes into account what stock you have already ordered and is 'Due'.

So it is not possible to create a My Inventory view to show only what you need to order.

A Needed value is simply where Min Stock Level - (Available + Due) > 0.

This needs to be added as a column in My Inventory so that ordering can be done as efficiently as in the desktop app.

I'll second this, we've setup what I would consider a workaround using the inventory filters to show what is low. But by no stretch is it as functional or as simple to use as the desktop low stock screen.

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