Reverse or US style dates showing on exports

I have opened up a ticket with Linnworks.but just checking it isn't just me that this is happening to. We get hourly open orders data exports (1 per channel) that typically give (and have done for the past year or so) the Create Date in this format on the CSV:

04/03/2020 17:17:11

but today started showing like this:

3/4/2020 5:17:11 PM

which of course is a completely different date depending on which part of the world you are from! It matters to us as we import these files daily into our sales sytem and now the current date of March 5th i.e. 05/03/2020 is ending up being displayed as May 3rd as it is seeing 03/05/2020. These are csv files as exported from Linnworks with no interference and if I compare historic exports there's a definite isn't a setting on my PC as I'm just opening the CSV in notepad.

Anyone else seen this? I could get the software that is is being imported to to change but that would cost development time from a variable I thought would be consistent.



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