Save Rigidas Stockwise - Linnworks buy it or incorporate it

We got the news that Rigidas are going to stop the Stockwise Android App.

I know that they are employees of Linnworks - please consider taking over the project so it can continue.

It's a great APP and it's invaluable to ours and many other companies who use Linnworks.

I know we can use Linnworks Mobile for scanning in stock against a PO but it's not useable in it's current form (SKU's too long you can see which product you should tap on, if a PO is long impossible to try and locate the SKU you want to count in (see example screenshot).

Whereas Stockwise just works plus you can just pull up a PO and start scanning (no need to tap into the sku)

Please we implore you, don't let it die.

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We use the epicklist also, it is one of the best tools integrated. Perhaps Linnworks can take these both over! Hate to see it go away as we've used both stockwise and epicklist for years.

Yes please save stockwise, I use it on a daily basis and couldn't operate with out it. I even purchased a mobile with an actual barcode scanner. The warehouse plus app I do not like to use and I wouldn't attempt to use linnworks mobile as nothing fits on the screen! Please save it!

Yes please continue with both as we use them regularly

We have three warehouse staff all using the epicklist app for the majority of the day, all our booking in is done through the stockwise app. In no way could we run our current workflow without access to both apps.

I'm disgusted at having bought the app, I can no longer use it as they have changed to a monthly subscription service.

Pretty sure the App was free and they have only made it a subscription so that they can keep it going and add new features which I think is a good result and better than the original post which mentioned it might stop.

No Paul, it had to be purchased from the Google play store or iTunes.

I purchased the app not a subscription so my grievance is that I can no longer use something I paid for.

In comparison to apps for other platforms such as bright pearl and veeqo which are free, stockwise is very poor and I expect anyone now paying a monthly fee will quickly cancel.

Imagine buying your car outright then you suddenly find you are no longer able to drive it without a monthly fee? This is the same scenario.

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