Remove date range on open PO

Firstly I understand the date range is in place to help manage server load on .net. However we regularly have PO's on our system for 3-4 months awaiting stock to arrive so constantly find ourselves going back to desktop to find them, as this is MUCH quicker than searching month by month on .net.

Would it be possible to remove the date range from open and partial po's? This in theory wouldn't put too much extra load on the server?

Not sure if I've understood correctly, but on the PO screen, can't you just over type the 'from' date to an earlier year? 

You open the PO screen and by default the filter shows '22 Jan 2020 - 18 Feb 2020' - instead of using the date selector, just overtype the 'from' date. 

For example: '22 Jan 2020 - 18 Feb 2020' becomes '22 Jan 2019 - 18 Feb 2020' then hit Search

Would be convenient if the default range was a bit wider... but this is a pretty low effort work around? 

Hi Noa,

Thanks for your reply, we have been using that work around but that's part of the issue we're having. A lot of our stock come from the middle and far east, lead times and therefore open PO's can be on the system from 4 weeks to 4 months and beyond. If I'm unsure when the order was placed there's possibly 4 separate searches I have to do to find it. On desktop there's no time limit, simply a text box to enter your PO number, I few seconds typing the PO number has realistically turned into a few mins of faffing with 31 day date ranges.

You can search more than 31 days at a time. I just do as Noa suggested and knock the opening date back a year and that shows 365 days worth of orders. Is your search limited to just 31 days at a time?

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