Return items to a supplier's purchase order


We've recently had a couple of purchase orders that we have accidentally ordered more than we required, or where the supplier has sent the wrong product, and the warehouse has already booked in the incorrect stock. In the cases above we had to return the goods to the suppliers. However, Linnworks has no option currently to "return" products to a supplier. The only options we had was to either manually adjust the stock (which I hate doing, and forbid anyone else in the office of doing, as I want a clear trail of exactly where the stock went), or scrap the items. At least when you scrap items, you have the option to add a note, so at least you can look up the notes when you are trying to see what happened to the stock. But when you manually adjust the stock, there's no way of going back and try to figure out why the stock was adjusted.

Can there be a feature added that would give an option of returning goods on a purchase order back to the supplier?



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